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Smoke Detector

Our company specializes in installing Smoke Detector in both RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL.
Do not take a chance of getting it done from individuals who do not know what they are doing or second guessing .
As your furnace is a lifeline of heat to your house, specially in winters when you cannot afford to have your furnace down even for a second.
Having done numerous installation of duct smoke detectors, we exactly know what is required by the city of Brampton or other municipalities.
We also specialize in installing new PHOTO STROBE COMBO with smoke and CARBON MONOXIDE alarms as required by the city.
We know exactly what would the inspectors want in terms of where to install the above detectors and how they have to be interconnected.
Once we read the specs, without wasting anytime we give our customer a quote on sight and the date of installation.
Once installation day is given, you don't need to remind us or make us a call. Our team arrives exactly at time given and start there work.
We are very punctual with our time of commitment which is reflected in the testimony of our customers on our website.
All the work is done smoothly and once we finish the work, we test our installation in front of you, making you satisfied of what is required by the city.

Call us for free quotations - 647-981-5534 / 905-267-5583

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